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Company Registration is an association of people or individual which is formed and registered under the companies Act, 1956, or any previous company laws. The Companies Act, 2013 details the regulations and company registration papers essential for the incorporation of a company in MCA. A company is a separate legal entity which is different from its shareholders. It is an important legal document of a company that there is a difference between people who have control over the affairs of a company and the people who actually own it. The below mentioned types of companies Registration, Business Entity or Legal Entity you can be registered in India & Overseas.

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Proprietorship Registration

Shop & Establishment Registration Act 1999, for every shop and commercial establishment is required to obtain with the Labour Department within 30 days of starting your business. It is mandatory for all types Private Limited Registered companies, LLP, Trust, NGOs and other entities also. In all the states in India. Proprietorship business is owned and controlled by one person to form a medium size business. Shop Act License is Compulsory to be displayed at all the Shops & Companies.

Here's the following business organizations that are mandatory to obtain their Shops and Establishment’s licenses are

Shops | Commercial establishments | Restaurants | Caterers | Hotels & Clubs | Theaters | Public amusement | Retail trade | Institutions | Labs | Clinics | Hospitals | Research Centers

Benefits :- If you Register under Shop and Establishment Act, on the basis of Shop Act License You can easily Open a Current Account | Company Legal Identity proof | Loans Availability | Smooth inspections | Government benefits | Less Legal Compliance that you need to follow .

Registrations :- Shop & Establishment Registration | Shop & Establishment License Renewals |Issue of Duplicate Registration Certificate | New Labour Contract Licence | Renewal of Labour Contract Licence

Compliance Management :- Address Change | Adding Partners | Adding Nature of Business | Maintaining records, registers, forms & notices | Audit Services

Consultation on Critical Issues :- Attending notice | Labour Issues | Labour Act Legal Services

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Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm Act 1932, is one of the most important to form a business organization, where minimum 2 and Maximum 20 persons required together to form a business and divide the profit and loss in an agreed ratio. A Partnership firm is easy to form, and the compliance is minimal as compared to companies. Partnership firm can be joined and started together by one or more person. Among the partners one or two persons may be termed as managing partner who shall manage the day to day affairs of the partnership business and others will act as a “silent partners”. The partnership firm should be formed as soon as the partners enter into the partnership deed shall be called as registered partnership firm, wherein the partnership deed is registered with a registrar of firms formed under the State government and necessary procedural formalities such as filing of return etc. as required under law. To know more about partnership firm Registration consult us.

Benefits :- Separate Legal Entity | Low cost of setup | Limited Liability | Ease of Business

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Limited Liability Partnership Registration

LLP -Limited Liability Partnership Registration governed by LLP Act 2008 combines the benefits of a partnership with that of a limited liability company. A limited liability partnership is a liable, legal entity for the full extent of its assets. The liability of the partners, however, is limited. Hence, LLP is a combination between a company and a partnership. It can be formed with a minimum of two designated partner and there is no maximum limit on the partners. LLP is an alternative corporate business form that gives the benefits of limited liability as present in a company and the flexibility of a partnership business. LLPs having a capital amount less than 25 lakhs and turnover below 40 lakhs per year do not require any formal audits. It makes registering as LLP beneficial for small businesses and startups. An LLP can own or acquire property because it is recognized as a juristic person. To know more about limited liability partnerships consult us.

Benefits :- Separate Legal Entity | Low cost of setup | Limited Liability | Easy Way of Business Taxation aspect on LLP | No requirements of compulsory audit | Dividend Distribution Tax not applicable

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Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Companies in India is the governing body for Ministry of Corporate Affairs which regulates all the Companies Act of India, 2013. Private Limited Company Registration is form with a minimum of 2 members and Upto 200 members. A Private Limited Company offers Limited Liability or Legal Protection for its Shareholders. It is “Limited by Shares” i.e. there are shareholders associated with the company and the theoretical value of the shares & any paid in return for the issue of shares by the corporation is limited to the capital which is initially invested. Private restricted should even have minimum of two administrators which might extend up to fifteen. A private company, or LTD, could be a sort of command a business entity. This type of business entity limits owner liability to their shares, limits the quantity of shareholders to fifty, and restricts shareholders from in public commerce shares.

Benefits :- Brand Value | Limited liability | PAN India Office Setup & International Explosure | Improves Business credibility | Separate legal entity | Attract funding | Continued Existence | Foreign investment | NRIs can form a Company with 1 Indian Director

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OPC - One Person Company Registration

OPC Private Limited: - An OPC One Person Company is the new form of business in India introduced for the first time by the Companies Act, 2013. Company can be started by only one person. An OPC can have more than one director at least one of them must be an Indian Resident.

OPC is similar to private limited company can be runned by one member and later it can convert into a private limited after 2 years of operations or if its turnover is more than Rs 2 crs in a financial year.

Benefits :- Safe guard (1 Director) | PAN India Office Setup & International Explosure | Market Value | Easy Credit Facilities | Easier Return Filing | Exemptions for Board’s Meetings & Report | lesser penalties for OPC under Section 446B of the Companies Act, 2013

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Foreign Subsidiary Registration

Foreign Subsidy Company is setting up a Business in India by a foreign company it has been ranked among the top 10 attractive destinations for inbound investments. Reduce corporate tax rate, India will continue to attract more foreign investors to set up their business in India. Doing business in India is easy there are different types of entities a foreign company can register in India. Registering a private Limited company is the most common way to start a business in India with its ease of operations and lower compliance requirement. Foreign subsidiary are required to maintain compliance under Income Tax, regulations like TDS regulations, GST regulations, Companies Act and various other regulations. Foreign subsidiary company would include filing of income tax return with the Income Tax Department, annual return with the MCA & ROC. The compliance requirement for a foreign subsidiary company would vary based on the industry, state of incorporation, number of employees. Private limited company is a wholly owned subsidiary where major shareholding is held by a foreign holding company. Foreign investment is allowed in many sectors under the automatic route, which makes it easy and fast to set up.

Benefits :- Increasing Production and Consumption | Increase in Savings | Tax Credits

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Section 8 NGO Registration

Section 8 company registrations is to a form a NGO under Section 8 of Indian Companies Act, 2013, and established for encouraging and promoting art, science, commerce, charity, religion or any other beneficial object and others. There may be 3-4 forms of a Charitable Organization in India and such organization can be formed / registered as trusts, societies, or as a non-profit company (NGO Registration) incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. A NGO with registered can works and develops in a systematic manner and functions accordingly to the registration and NGO will also help in tax exemption once they are registered under Income Tax Authorities.

Benefits :- No minimum capital requirement | Separate legal entity | Tax exemption | No stamp duty payable | No title required | Better credibility as compared to others | Ease of ownership or title transfer

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Trust Registration

Trust Registration: A trust is an agreement between people called trustees to manage property over which they have control either to benefit other people called beneficiaries or for charitable purposes. Groups of trustees may be incorporated as a board under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, if the objects are charitable. Trust Registration is a possible way in which you can register a Non-Government Organisation is by registering it as a trust. This kind of method is used by NGOs who work with eradicating poverty, giving education and providing medical relief, Trusts are irrevocable, means that they cannot change or terminate without the permission of the Legal Acts.

Benefits :- Land from the government | Several tax benefits such as Income Tax, etc | 80G certificate benefit under the Income Tax Act | White capital for Building construction | Benefits in Entertainment Tax and Service Tax

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Society Registration

Societies Registration Act, 1860 can be referred to member-based organizations for charitable purposes. Society is a web of people who come along by mutual agreement to act together for a generic purpose. A Society is built, by steps of a Memorandum of Collaboration, by any seven or above humans correlated due to any literary, scientific, charitable or religious project idea etc. They are run by a managing committee. Unlike trusts, all societies and Association Registration come under the preview of one law known as Society Registration.

Benefits :- Separate legal identity | Limited Liability | Exemption from income tax | Legal protection

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Association Registration

Association Registration is an organized group of people with the sole objectives of rendering non-profitable services for the welfare and development of society. Non-profit organization” shall mean from the associations registered under this Act 1860, every association that has been formed for charitable cause. Registration of such societies will have legal identification and are eligible to avail the benefit of tax-exemption and also, registered associations have to necessarily maintain proceeding reports. This helps maintain transparency which is required for smooth functioning of the society and also registered societies help you to speed up bank related procedures for Maintenance work and general welfare are taken care of by the association.

Benefits :- Separate legal identity | Exemption from tax | Legal protection

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MSME Registration

MSME - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSME Registration is mandatory for each small or Medium Enterprise should enrol with Udyog Aadhar, To avail the benefits under the MSME Act from Central or State Government and the Banking Sector, MSME Registration is required. This entrance is valid for a lifetime period and may be obtained by those units or enterprises that have already started operations and not for the enterprise that is planned to be started. MSME Act of India facilitates promotion and development of enterprises through many incentives, schemes and subsidies. To obtain the benefits under MSME Act, MSME Registration is a must for proprietorship firms, partnership firms, LLP, Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies can register.

Benefits :- MSME Loans from Banks | Tax Benefits & Exemptions | Govt Subsidies | Late Payment Recovery

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Start-up Registration Packages

We are the "One-Stop-Solution" for Startup Business, having in-house team of professionals in all domains and our main motive is to rework your learning at the side of the creation of your business Process, so you yourself will head of your business while not looking on totally different professionals. Mention below packages are solely indicative, these will be customized in keeping with individual needs. Throughout the assignment, your presence is obligatorily needed at our workplace and you've got to produce required inputs as per given format by the new source. As we explain you earlier that this services is categorized under transformative learning to understand more. Kindly call us to fix an appointment with Experts and discuss in detail on Packages Bronze | Silver | Gold | Customized Package

Startup Registrations :- Proprietorship | Partnership | LLP | OPC PVT LTD | Private limited | Public limited | Section 8 NGO | Trust Registration | Society Registration | MSME Registration | FSSAI License | GST Registration | PF & ESI Registration | DSC Certificate Registration | Trademark Registration | ISO Certification

Digital Marketing :- Web Designing with Content | Logo Design | Visiting Card | Brochure | Letter Head | ID card

Brand Protection & Brand Image :- Trademark Registration | ISO Certification

Other Services :- Import Export Code | Barcode Registration | Accounting Software | Banking Support on Current Account | Virtual Office Space

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Are you looking for Company Formation in India / Overseas?

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Overseas Registration

LLC Registration
LLC is the abbreviation for Limited Liability Company. LLCs are relatively new business structures that combine the features of a corporation and a partnership, specifically the tax benefits of partnerships and the liability protections of a corporation. You can now start up in different countries on your terms, without moving your operations from India. We’ll analyse your requirements and help you for registering a company in a particular country.

Benefits :- International Office setup | Global Recognition | Less risk | Flexible to run Business | Pass through Taxation.

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INC Registration
INC-In-Corporation:-Inc. Is the abbreviation for incorporated. Associate incorporated company, or corporation, is a separate legal entity from the person or people forming it. Rectors and officers purchase shares in the business and have responsibility for its operation. Incorporation limits an individual's liability in case of a lawsuit.

Benefits :- Business-friendly laws and regulations | Personal assets | savings are protected from risks | Low Corporate income tax rates

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Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration in globe is the best way to protect your brand by the way of "Trademark", which is a legal right. Your brand is your most important asset and that’s how your customers identify you. As your business grows, your brand name, logo or even tag-line will stand out for credibility, reputation and quality of your business. It is cost-effective and has several advantages.

Benefits :- Your Exclusive right to Protect the Brand name Globally | It ‘s your IPR Asset | Increases your business and valuation | Legal Protection | Monitor your brand in globe | Expand easily | Carbon copycats

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Food License & Registration

Basic Registration | State License |Central License

FSSAI - Food Safety and Security Act of 2006, sets the standards for healthy and consumable food products. FSSAI expands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is the governing and regulatory body for ensuring the safety of food products delivered to the consumers. To start a restaurant, or food business you will also need local municipal permissions, Fire Department NOC, etc. - Plan ahead so you can grow quickly.

FSSAI registration or Central License is mandatory based on the turnover .If you are in a Food business with manufacturing, Hotel, Trading, Storing or Dealing in any manner of preparation of food items, then the state level. This involves all stages of production before food ultimately reaches the consumer. It can be a small juice reseller or a large dairy business, food manufacturers, Packers, Marketing, and Distributors & Transporters for a food license is essential to run a food business.

Key Benefits of an FSSAI License

FSSAI License is a unique 14 digit Registration number that is given towards Restaurants, Manufacturers, and traders which must be printed on the food packages. This confirm the consumers that they are eating at the right place which follows every of the safety food standards.

Types of Registration

Hospital License

We provide License for Health Care Sectors in Statutory & Regulatory Compliances Registration & License we will assess with all the Govt.Bodies & norms, we understand the Medical establishments & Govt.Dept, necessitates required Certification & License. Our consultants will assess the License for Hospital, Lab & Diagnostic Centres, Clinics, Dental clinics, Ayurveda Centres,. All the certificates & license are mandatory to start the medical services. These License is Compulsory to be displayed at all the Medical Service providers.

Our Core Registration Services

Drugs & Cosmetic Licenses Issued By Drug Control Department are

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